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《腥红色的繁笺花》(Scarlet Pimpernel)[DVDRip]


◎片 名 The Scarlet Pimpernel

◎中文 名 腥红色的繁笺花

◎年 代 1982

◎国 家 英国

◎类 别 剧情 爱情 冒险

◎级 别 UK:PG / Australia:G (DVD rating) / Australia:PG (cable rating)

◎语 言 英语

◎字 幕 无字幕

◎IMDB评分 7.4/10 (1,415 votes)

◎文件格式 XviD + DVM

◎视频尺寸 720 x 544

◎片 长 142 mins

◎导 演 克莱夫·唐纳 (Clive Donner)



  佐罗远不是这个模式的起头。比佐罗更早的,是1905年英国女作家 Baroness Emmuska Orczy的小说《红花侠》(《 腥红色的繁笺花》)。故事描述法国大革命期间,法王路易十六被送上断头台,皇室和贵族也纷纷遭陷害。英国花花公子帕西化身为传说中的蒙面侠客红花侠,不断潜往法国, 出生入死抢救受难贵族送到国外。每次解救成功,就留下一朵红色的繁笺花为记。

  这个著名的冒险传奇故事曾七度搬上银幕,这个版本是电视电影,是所有根据同名小说改编中最受称赞的. 影片曾获AMY奖. 演员也很出名 (Somewhere in Time s Jane Seymour and The Lord of the Rings Ian McKellen), 。


Directed by: Clive Donner

Written by: William Bast

Novels ( El Dorado and The Scarlet Pimpernel ) by: Baroness Emmuska Orczy

* Nominated for three Emmy Awards

* Winner of an Emmy Award for Oustanding Costume Design

* Filmed in England at Blenheim Palace (with kind permission of His Grace, the duke of Marlborough) - Ragley Hall - Broughton Castle - Milton Manor

Plot Summary:

The swashbuckling classic comes to rip-roaring life in this lavish production, filled with breathless romance and derring-do In the eyes of high society, Sir Percy Blakeney (Brideshead Revisited s Anthony Andrews) is a typical fop, surrounded by adoring ladies and clueless gentry. However, he is also a master of disguise and bears an infamous secret identity: the Scarlet Pimpernel, dashing and fearless rescuer of victims of the French Revolution Sir Percy also falls head over heels for the beautiful Marguerite (Somewhere in Time s Jane Seymour) who is also wooed by the villainous Paul Chauvelin (The Lord of the Rings Ian McKellen), Robespierre s Chief Agent for the Committee of National Security. Suave, stylish and utterly irresistible, this dazzling adventure is sure to capture your heart

Crowds hungry for blood cheer in Paris, in 1792, as the heads of hundreds of aristocrats - men, women and children - fall under the blade of the guillotine. The French Revolution has entered its phase of terror. A mysterious rescuer known only by his alias of The Scarlet Pimpernel , aided by a series of brilliantly effective disguises, is proving the scourge of the Revolution as he daringly snatches aristocrats from the very jaws of death, under the noses of the executioners.

Sir Percival Blakeney, a foppish English gentleman, an ardent follower of fashion and leader of London society, is paying one of his many social visits to Paris when, with surprising bravery, he rescues a handsome young man, Armand St. Just, from the hands of thugs. This results in his first meeting with Armand s sister, the stunningly beautiful Marguerite St. Just, France s most celebrated actress.

At one of her soirees, Sir Percy meets for the first time Paul Chauvelin. Ambitious and ruthless, he is Roberspierre s Chief Agent for the Committee of National Security. Chauvelin too, loves Marguerite and plans to marry her. He and Percy cross verbal swords with Percy emerging the victor. To Chauvelin s fury, Sir Percy marries Marguerite and takes her back to London where she becomes the toast of society.

Roberspierre authorizes Chauvelin to seek out and destroy the Pimpernel and his Agent leaves for England. Armand, realizing the injustices of the Revolution, has meanwhile learned the identity of his brother-in-law and, although Chauvelin s assistant, secretly joins forces with the Pimpernel. Due to Chauvelin s evil machinations, Percy becomes estranged from his bewildered wife.

Learning Armand is in league with the Pimpernel, Chauvelin blackmails Marguerite into leading him to his enemy. Still not realizing the Pimpernel is her husband, she tries to help him escape. In a deserted fortress off the shores of France, Chauvelin sends Percy to face the firing squad. As he kisses Marguerite farewell, he vows to return.

Commentary from Heléne: Blazing, glistening and splendidly interpreted. It is wonderful to see certain events of a period of France s history approached.


Anthony Andrews .... Sir Percy Blakeney The Scarlet Pimpernel

简·西摩 Jane Seymour .... Marguerite St. Just

伊安·麦克莱恩 Ian McKellen .... Chauvelin

James Villiers .... Baron de Batz

Eleanor David .... Louise

Malcolm Jamieson .... Armand St. Just

Denis Lill .... Count de Tournay

Anne Firbank .... Countess de Tournay

Richard Morant .... Robespierre

朱丽安·弗勒斯 Julian Fellowes .... The Prince Regent

Timothy Carlton .... Count de Beaulieu

David Gant .... Fouquet

John Quarmby .... Ponceau

Gordon Gostelow .... Duval

Carol MacReady .... Mme. Duval

Tracey Childs .... Suzanne

Joanna Dickens .... Aunt Lulu

Dominic Jephcott .... Sir Andrew Ffoulkes

Christopher Villiers .... Lord Anthony Dewhurst

Geoffrey Toone .... Marquis de St. Cyr




Scarlet Pimpernel 1982



General Information


Length............... 142 minutes

Video Format......... XviD

Resolution........... 720x544

Video Bitrate........ 1530 kb/s

FPS.................. 25

Audio Format......... DVM AC3-Digital

Audio Bitrate........ 224kb/s

Channel.............. 2 Stereo

Source............... DVD Retail

Language............. English

Rating............... 7.4/10 1,415 votes